Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another 1 day sale

Picking from the scraps of previously unprinted designs another Ript print, yes another print only available for 1 day (Dec 16). Hopefully the_JCW can appear in some more permanent shops but for now stop by Ript and get yours while it's hot!SHOP HERE DEC 16 ONLY

Or simply stop by to say hi

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another limited edition shirt

First JCW item up for grabs now that I am back is available at a great new site called Teeinvaders only available until Dec 8, at 6 PM

Back from Asia

theJCW is finally back in the States and getting back in the swing of things.
I have seen a great deal of inspiring cultural art throughout Thailand and Cambodia and hope to bring some of it into my future work. I'm saving all the pictures for myself and family, but this is a good example of some great temples in Cambodia.

-time to get back to work:(