Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#37 - TheHorror of Monticello

The title today stems from the fact that I have had little sleep lately and am guessing this one is a product of being tired and lack of ideas.


Shaun Williams said...

Actually, I think it is hilarious and cool! It combines elements I haven't seen combined before. And it is funny. Say, What was it you said about t-shirts before? A way to sell designs right? Just let me know. Any money right now would be good. Otherwise check out Or buy a painting :) LOL, Dude, your stuff looks great, and thanks for keeping in touch.

the_jcw said...

Thanks Shaun, glad you like it.
Yes, can can possibly make extra money with your works of art. Down the right hand side of my blog are a list of some of the shirt design contests out there right now. They all have different rules for submissions (printing) and different prizes (money) along with different rules on either getting all rights to your work or returning them...they are all so different you would have to spend some time checking them out.