Monday, August 24, 2009

#82 Tyler "trashin" Tad

Another day on the bus, another ink on the bus with great steadler triplus fineliner pens. Face is almost based off of brother in law, I wonder if he will notice I said that?

-Oh and in other news, today I had my instincts confirmed by yet another reliable source that character sketches will not really get me anywhere in terms of shirt design as they very rarely sell well. Oh well, I am not doing this for any reason other than to get my mind open more and have fun with a new style, I will continue with it anyway. I will never give in to the popular trend of pop-culture tees simply because they sell, I'll keep coming up with fresh new original ideas and whatever happens happens.


uglymuffin said...

You didn't think that you could post a drawing of a tadpole with a goatee and I not notice? I'm omnicienant and such. I also like that you are not going to stop making these, the world would be a sad place without your daily drawings. Keep it up my brother[in]law.

Bregelle Whitworth Davis said...

Guess What, I actually read this blog post. And of course we will notice, we always notice. Thanks for the tribute to my awesome husband! Keep up the amazing creations.

uglymuffin said...

I just had a thought, you should make the goatee red, like mine! It'd be awesome.