Monday, September 7, 2009

"Lost in Space" - JCW custom Dunny

OK, here it is, thanks to the holiday weekend I finally got around to working on my first custom Dunny. Hopefully many more will follow. I also have a Munny lying around that needs some painting and will hopefully follow soon as well. Anyway, hope you like this tentacled alien attached to the poor spaceman's helmet.

If you don't know what this is or what I am talking about, you should head over to and look for anywhere with the word "dunny" so many great artists have official merchandise with this company. Vinyl designer toys, designed by real artist, cool? yes.


Raisin said...

Why don't you send that in to see if KidRobot will recognize you? i mean your everybit as... wholly better than MissMonster.


the_jcw said...

thanks for saying so ElePhatt, haven't seen you in a while, thanks for stopping by to leave the message

Raisin said...

i just picked MissMonster because she's like the "threshold" of designer toy makers. If you can out-design her you're in the inner circle. Oh your welcome i just wanted you to know i still check this place out. I like the toy a lot tough. It's very "Par Americana" astronaunts and pizza in sharpie colorways.