Monday, October 12, 2009

Use it or Lose it! - Printed at "A-Better-Tomorrow"

Great news, I am the proud winner of the shirt contest at A Better Tomorrow. This is a great contest site based in Germany, they do amazing printing and create a good product. The downside to all of us here on the other side of the world is the shipping costs and the exchange rate of Euros :( At least friends over there can enjoy the print.
If still interested,


Kakolak said...

Awesome Shirt bro ! U r the real rising star now !!! ;) See ya.

Bregelle Whitworth Davis said...

This design is amazing! I really want to get one; however, you might want to check your website link. Every time I try to go to it there is a page error. Best of Luck in Europe!

Anonymous said...

congrats buddy. nice work as usual.