Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Urban Decay" an old design redone

Now available for purchase - BUY HERE

This weekend I decide to create a last minute submission to a website called Lately the t-shirt "internets" have been a-buzz about this site, that on first glance, almost seems like a scam with the large cash prize, and almost lack of info. They intend to print using the DTG method: meaning that all designs will be printed in full color.

Thanks to the intended method of printing, I decided it would be a good time to finally rework a design to its intended manifestation that I couldn't achieve with traditional screen methods. If thetshirtvault prints anything like (check them out, they do a great job printing) expect to get a soft clean print with a very slight stiffness to the shirt.

Now available for purchase - BUY HERE
(it should be available in 5 dif colors)

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the space wanderer said...

i also submit two design for the t-shirt vault,
and wondering how it would go,