Sunday, June 19, 2011

98 - HarryHamster's caper kaput by OctoBluebottle

Annnnnnnnd, it's back, finally, the character sketching returns after its long hiatus. (this one was actually finished right after the lastest one, only now to be posted) Due to some big changes I ran out of time to sketch and post for a while. Finally the world has settled a little- and i'm left with a new commute and a new day job. This new commute is much shorter and requires a transfer from a train to a bus, thus leaving no time or room to sketch on the commute. Why sketch and post? why find any time for it when this style and these characters don't really convert well to shirt designs or posters and products that have a high-sell value. When I look back at the last hundred characters (almost 100) I can see how much good it did for me personally, I got better at what I was doing, I found it easier to come up with something so random, and it was a good exercise. Most of all, I like doing it and now I have a day job that i'm happy with and supports my life so whatever I do here I can do for fun and do what I want with it. It doesn't have to sell well, it doesn't have to cater to anyone. This is why I will keep up these sketches, because I enjoy it... they are still called "inks on the bus" but no longer take place everyday or on the bus....

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