Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Sierra Mist Exquisite Corpse collaboration Project

WHAT is up with theJCW

Sierra Mist contacted 5 local artists to create a billboard showcasing their new logo.

Every day this week a different artist added their unique talents to the board. I was the second artist to paint. My contribution was the lime driving a lemon rocket with tentacle arms..

 The almost finished artwork last night, one more artist to go- to see all artists and many more pictures of the process and events, check out the hashtag #sierramistcollab on twitter and instagram

 Here are some shots of the painting progress

Last night talking with Graham Elliot was fantastic, amazing artist in his medium while being extremely supportive of ours.

On top of it all it feels great to know that the painting will go towards helping the Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation

Today the final artist - Justus Roe will add his contribution, please join all of us on Friday 6-10 pm at 401 N Racine  to close out this amazing event. a BIG thanks to Sierra Mist #sierramist for supporting local artists, and making every last part of this experience a great one.

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