Sunday, March 7, 2010

the Chicago Sky

Finished another painting this weekend, it's 18"x24" It will also be up for voting as an iphone skin soon. Stay tuned for more pics and links.

REWARD FOR BLOG READERS? I would like to find out how many people actually notice this blog and are interested in some fun rewards such as buttons or stickers of thejcw art. If you just read this message please post and let me know.


Ressa (ressamac on Twitter) said...

I just read this message and I like your painting. It looks kind of delicious.

OMG my captcha was derear

nikolina100 said...

beyond awesome! I love those clouds!!!!

Jenn L. said...

I read regularly and love your stuff; I am just shy. But I am also greedy and would love a shot at something of yours for my very own, haha.

bo said...

wow, i'm freakin' in love with your paintings! and i didn't know you had a blog before but now that i do, i shall be back regularly :)

SKIZO said...