Saturday, March 20, 2010

RIPT apparel free shirt giveaway!

ATTENTION - WE HAVE A WINNER!! ... thanks to those who signed up to follow the blog, stay tuned because more giveaways are in the near future:)

As promised, it is here and it's very simple!

The first person (who is a follower* of this blog), to find where that piece above came from and comment on that post that they found it, will win the shirt!
-You will win a coupon code for a free shirt to be redeemed whenever you want at !!

* follower means I can find you on the lower right hand column with the rest of the great people who follow this blog.... winner must provide me with an email to send the coupon code.


the_JCW said...

CONGRATS TO "Michele P" our shirt winner!

uglymuffin said...

Where the heck was it? I looked all over the image, was it on another image? Anyways, go michele P, you have better eyes then I. Enjoy your stinking shirt...just kidding, I'm happy for you. I clicked the ad, let the money roll in. :)

the_JCW said...

The winning post was -

The fast and Furious Chopduck! get your eyes checked you uglymuffin ;)

uglymuffin said...

Nevermind, I found it. That was a few posts back, you tricky man. Smellz you later.