Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The business cards have arrived!

So I decided to give printing a chance at finally making some business cards. The result was a pleasant surprise, and not just because of the product. My first set of cards came with a slight problem that would normally leave me to complain to deaf ears. Not Moo! Pretty much the next day they were in touch with me and worked to fix the problem and get me a new set of cards. Amazing customer service and a nice product. The set also comes in a great hard case.
You can print up to 50 different backs on your cards, so I present the first edition of theJCW (business) trading cards-featuring some of the "Inks on the Bus" series.
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nikolina100 said...

wowza!! they look great!
I love my moo cards too!
Nice job dude.

jimiyo said...

those are awesome!

Denise said...

Thanks for the lovely write up - really glad they turned out well. I have to admit, we spotted these on Flickr this morning, they look great!

David said...

I LOVE THESE CARDS! One of my favorite sets so far.

from MOO Love