Monday, May 24, 2010


This giveaway will make use of a "random name picker" to decide who wins. You get to decide how many times your name is on the list.
-contest starts tonight and ends tomorrow (May 25 12:00pm CST)
some ways to enter:
* You’ll receive one entry for leaving a comment below & becoming a follower (if you’re already a follower, let me know!)
* You’ll receive two entries if you leave a comment below, become a follower, and tweet about the giveaway (make sure to include my twitter name, @the_jcw, with #tilteedcontest in the tweet so I can keep track)
* And you’ll receive five entries if you leave a comment below + follow, tweet and blog about the giveaway (if you do, you'll need to post a link of your blog post here)
* And don’t forget- to stop by after I announced the winner, you will need to give me your size and mailing address before the day is over (May 25, or you won't get your shirt)
BUY HERE, blog, tweet, facebook, THIS LINK


DataLifePlus said...

Awesome shirt and awesome contest. Hope I win. :D

lonelypond said...

it's like Cinderella.

DataLifePlus said...

Blogged... errr.. Tumblred it.

Matt Eyer said...
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Matt Eyer said...

commented, tweeted, and blogged. and I was already following you :)

love the purple and green on asphalt

Jaden Kale said...

I don't need to win a tee ;) but I just want this contest to have my (and Tilteed's) full support!

. said...

commented, followed, and tweeted.

Christian said...

the flavors THE FLAVORS!

skit-tells is.. a really good.

actually it reminds me of mint choco chip- or grasshopper cookies.


uberkraaft said...

You know it ... the shirt rocks dude :)