Thursday, June 3, 2010

Imoto shirt finds a new home, SUPPORT TODAY

This shirt is moving to a better home
I don't want to get to into the details, since they have been rehashed and covered in detail on the sites blog , but this design was sitting far too long on a site plagued by price, policy, user....ect ect.. endless amounts of changes and long bouts of staleness. (the Cameesa guys are great guys, but it just wasn't going anywhere)

At any rate, it wasn't right to make supporters who wanted the design enough to pre-pay for it wait more than a year and still not have any end in sight on when the shirt would print. That is why I requested all supporters get a full refund, which should already be in the works...if you supported, check your email, possibly even your junk email for the notification.

The future of this design is hopefully at a site that so far has been making really good decisions on their shirts for sale, does an excellent job on high-quality printing, and has shown to be really great people on how their business is run TILTEED and I would recommend them for buying shirts or submitting work as an artist.
Please show your support for the shirt, stop by and vote/comment and maybe "Imoto" will finally have a permanent home.

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