Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ryz shoes

These shoes were not designed by me, but I am keen on them enough to make a post here.
They were designed by Daren Newman and produced by Ryz.
More information about the shoe found here
Ryz shoes are worth the cost, the quality of the printing as well as the shoe construction is top-notch. I even find my feet hurting less in these shoes than some Nikes I have (after full days of walking...no I don't own a car).
Ryz also hosts an ongoing design contest, and once a week they give away $100 store credit to the best design of the week. (that would be why I have my first pair) If you're not an artist and not into throwing together some shoe designs, you can still participate in the voting and of course you can still get your own? Plenty of designs to choose from. RYZ

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